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Nicky Tamberrino

Actress & Model

"I was referred to Aaron by an agent and at the time, I had no experience in the modeling/acting industry. I registered for his 4-week private mentoring sessions and by the end of our one-on-one sessions, I had representation from two major modeling agencies in my area and had started booking auditions and jobs regularly.

Aaron's expertise and guidance saved me countless hours of frustration of trying to navigate this unfamiliar industry alone. He is a fantastic resource and the best investment I have made as I pursue this endeavor. I highly recommend him to those I meet on sets. I am thrilled to continue to have him in my corner through his Season Pass Membership, which allows me to continue to receive his expert advice and support."

Lauren Cox

Actress & Model

"I had a Private Mentoring Session with Aaron Marcus, and it was incredibly helpful. Even though I had done some acting and modeling in the past, Aaron taught me so many things that I simply did not know. I made changes to my headshot, commercial photos and resume.

Not long after our session, I booked an out-of-town modeling job. It you are really interested in getting acting and modeling jobs, I highly recommend you sign up for Aaron's Mentoring Program."